Back in the Courtroom: Practicing During the Pandemic Project (Part 1)


Back in the Courtroom

Practicing During the Pandemic Project (Part 1)
Sep 29, 2020 2:00pm Sep 29, 2020 4:00pm
Online | 2:00 - 4:00pm ET
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About the Webinar

Courts are reopening, and AAJ is here to answer your biggest questions. AAJ members recount their personal experiences conducting jury trials during COVID-19 and will share: 

  1. What it’s like to be back in the courtroom during a pandemic?
  2. What safety precautions were implemented?
  3. Was any of the trial conducted virtually? 
  4. What was the overall sentiment of the jurors?

Plus, enjoy an extended live Q&A to get your own questions answered.

This webinar is open to AAJ Members and plaintiff attorney members of a state Trial Lawyers Association. If you are a TLA member but not an AAJ member, please email for registration instructions.