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Book Release: New Book on Case Framing Offers Fresh Insight into Top Trial Lawyer Techniques

July 26,2019

Washington, DCAdvanced Case Framing by past AAJ President Mark Mandell is a new book from AAJ Press released today that provides trial attorneys refined principles and updated examples from Mandell’s 2015 critically acclaimed book Case Framing.

The book takes a new look and delves deeper into the original model, which includes analysis of real courtroom examples, a step-by-step format on how to focus jurors’ attention, and a case study of a difficult personal injury case. Mandell explains, with meticulous detail, how to identify I-Just-Can’t-Get-Over Issues, Case Frames, and Echoes. Advanced Case Framing is a tool that all trial attorneys should use to prepare and try a case from beginning to end so they can achieve the best results for their clients.

“With his newest book, Mark Mandell again proves to be one of our leading pioneers. In Advanced Case Framing, Mark refines his powerful framing approach. He shows you how to lead jurors out of the thicket of conflicting witnesses, arguments, laws, and biases—and into the clarity, simplicity, and urgency of seeing your case just the way you want them to.”

—David Ball, trial consultant and author of David Ball on Damages

"Mark Mandell shares the deep, often subconscious beliefs that help drive a juror’s decision-making and how to wrap your client’s story within the frame of those beliefs. Take this book with you into the courtroom and use its power for good.”

—Randi McGinn, author of Changing Laws, Saving Lives and member of the Inner Circle of Advocates

AAJ will be holding a seminar based on Advanced Case Framing in Philadelphia on September 6-7, featuring Mark Mandell, Randi McGinn, Shanin Specter, Ben Rubinowitz, Charla Aldous, David Wenner, and social scientist and lawyer, John Campbell. For more details, please see the program information here. To purchase a copy of the book, please visit our webpage here.

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