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Case Framing

By Mark Mandell
CreatedJan 16, 2019
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Whether you are negotiating, arbitrating, or in trial, how you frame your case's issues will determine its outcome.  In Case Framing® Mark Mandell demonstrates how to use his three-part method to frame a case and obtain just outcomes for clients.  He teaches plaintiff attorneys how to find the fundamental truth that defines the case, the vital issues the jury “just can’t get over,” and how to echo those issues throughout trial.  He demonstrates how to apply his universal techniques to any case, across numerous situations.  He also walks the reader through a detailed case study, illustrating how each element of the Case Framing® method applies to each part of a case.

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Legendary trial lawyers know how to pull a case's beating heart out of a jumbled tangle of facts. Mark Mandell's innovative new book teaches you how to identify the best and worst elements of your client's story, and then, to dig down to the very soul of the case. Case Framing will help you become a master storyteller who can move a jury to justice.

Randi McGinn Former president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and author of Changing Laws, Saving Lives Albuquerque, NM

Table of Contents


Part I: The Case Framing Method

  • Chapter 1: Case Frames
  • Chapter 2: I-Just-Can't-Get-Over Issues
  • Chapter 3: Presenting Your I-Just-Can't-Get-Over Issues to the Jury
  • Chapter 4: Case Frame Logistics
  • Chapter 5: Presenting Your Case Frame to the Jury
  • Chapter 6: How to Deal with Bad I-Just-Can't-Get-Over Issues
  • Chapter 7: Echoing Your I-Just-Can't-Get-Over Issues Throughout Trial
  • Chapter 8: Case Framing and Depositions
  • Chapter 9: Case Framing in Mediation and Settlement Negotiations
  • Chapter 10: Case Framing and the Admitted Liability Case

Part II: A Case Study: Jones v. Smith

  • Chapter 11: Background
  • Chapter 12: How We Identified the Good Issues Relevant to Liability
  • Chapter 13: Motions in Limine
  • Chapter 14: Voir Dire
  • Chapter 15: Opening Statement
  • Chapter 16: How We Used Echoes Throughout the Trial
  • Chapter 17: Identifying Our Overall Case Frame
  • Chapter 18: Closing Argument
  • Chapter 19: On Being a Trial Lawyer

The evolution of trial advocacy has reached a new level with Mark Mandell's book, Case Framing. It stands alongside the other legendary works of wisdom for trial lawyers such as Rick Friedman and Pat Malone's Rules of the Road and Don Keenan and David Ball's Reptile.

Jim Perdue Member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and author of Winning with Stories Houston, TX
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