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Dropping the Digital Anchor: Preparing and Presenting Your Case with Technology

By Jonathan H. Lomurro
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Dropping the Digital Anchor explains how to effectively collect, organize, and present information. It analyzes the impact of modern digital presentations on classic learning techniques. From the persuasive teachings of Aristotle’s rhetoric through Richard Meyer’s multimedia learning, this book explains the benefit of today’s presentation tools as a means to firmly connect with a jury and focus the jurors on the important portions of your case. A jury floating in a sea of confusion will never locate the place they are supposed to be. By anchoring them to the theories of your case, the jury will be able to observe the facts and falsities. With this knowledge, they will find the proper place to land.

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Jonathan H. Lomurro

Lomurro Law Freehold, NJ
President's Club Member PAC Contributor

Jonathan H. Lomurro, Esq. LL.M. is a trial lawyer. He holds his Masters of Law in Trial Advocacy and achieved his Board Certification in Medical Malpractice Law from the American Board of Professional Liability attorneys. Jon is an author of several treatises on the practice of law including New Jersey Medical Malpractice Law, Litigation Technology for the Modern Practitioner, and Try It. He has extensively lectured on trial techniques, legal technology, and electronic medical records.

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