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Litigation Packet

Litigation Packet

Crash Reconstruction Experts

UpdatedJul 29, 2022
CreatedJul 26, 2022
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The AAJ Exchange developed the Crash Reconstruction Experts Litigation Packet to provide essential tools and strategies for plaintiff attorney members litigating motor vehicle and truck collision cases. This resource offers guidance on depositions, direct- and cross-examination, and the use of demonstratives to help you get the most out of your expert, effectively cross-examine defense experts, and successfully bring your collision case to life. This Litigation Packet also includes AAJ Education speaker papers and TRIAL® articles focused on handling motor vehicle collision cases, understanding crash reconstruction, taking depositions, cross-examining defense experts, and using demonstratives.

This Litigation Packet:

  • Features case materials from motor vehicle and truck crash cases litigated by AAJ plaintiff attorneys.
  • Includes deposition and trial transcripts, demonstratives, crash analyses, and a sample motion to strike with plaintiff’s response in opposition.
  • Contains AAJ Education speaker papers and TRIAL® articles, and research reports addressing all aspects of crash reconstruction, including
    • Understanding black box data;
    • Using visual aids and animations to bring motor vehicle crashes into the courtroom;
    • Handling remote depositions; and
    • Overcoming defense tactics.

Litigation Packet Highlights

AAJ's Litigation Packet provide an in-depth analysis of how to best protect your clients rights, helpful sample documents and deposition transcripts, and critical insights from leading trial lawyers. Thank you to our contributors Troy Chandler, Tom D'Amore, Devin McNulty, Brent Savage, and Don Slavik, who helped make this resource possible.