Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Soaring Eagle Award

The Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Soaring Eagle Award was established in 1997 and symbolizes the struggle of lawyers of color as they travel the road to personal and professional success. The AAJ Minority Caucus presents this award annually to an attorney who, despite the challenges of his or her own journey, pursues excellence and has made outstanding efforts and contributions to the legal profession in paving the way for others. This award symbolizes the struggles of lawyers of color as they travel down the road to personal and professional success.

This award is presented at the AAJ Annual Convention.

The American Association for Justice proudly presents the 2015 Johnnie L. Cochran Soaring Eagle Award recipient:

The Honorable Staci Michelle Yandle

Past Recipients

2014: Congressman James E. Clyburn

2013: Carl E. Douglas

2012: Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump

2011: Judge Charles Price

2010: Frankie Muse Freeman

2009: Nina Perales

2008: Judge U.W. Clemon

2007: Charles B. Rangel

2006: Judge Matthew J. Perry, Jr.

2005: Judge Horace T. Ward

2004: Antonia Hernandez

2003: Fred D. Gray

2002: Donald L. Hollowell

2001: Robert Hernandez

2000: Charles Mathis

1999: Johnnie Cochran

1998: Lem Howell

1997: J. Robert Carr

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