Practicing During the Pandemic Project

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented interruptions in jury trials across the country. The impact on juror attitudes and beliefs on science, accountability, healthcare workers, and more will affect how you prepare and try your clients’ cases. And, as business owners, trial lawyers must be prepared for challenges of practicing in a pandemic. AAJ is here to help.

AAJ Presidential Task Force on Civil Jury Trials in the Era of COVID-19

During his presidency (2020-2021), Tobi Millrood appointed a Presidential Task Force on Civil Jury Trials in the Era of COVID-19. Led by past president Ken Suggs, this task force developed several education programs, three complimentary litigation packets, and a sample brief on in-person voir dire.

AAJ State Affairs is working to track all state court orders related to reopening and operating during the pandemic as well as any bench or jury trials during the pandemic. If you have had a civil jury or bench trial during the pandemic, please help our efforts by filling out the survey below.

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funded by the Robert L. Habush Endowment

COVID-19 Jury Research Project 

AAJ members Gregory Cusimano and David Wenner are conducting nationwide focus groups and surveys to assess the pandemic’s effect on juror beliefs, perceptions, and decision-making. The research results and task force findings are being presented through AAJ Education webinars and other online resources.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

AAJ trial lawyer and past president Lisa Blue discusses the impact that the pandemic has had on civil and criminal jury trials and her experience conducting a jury trial during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Complimentary Member Resource
Managing Your Office During the COVID-19 Crisis Litigation Packet

This rapid-response Litigation Packet combines articles, examples of policies and protocols, technology advice, and more into one easy-to-use resource. 

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Court COVID-19 Closure and Status Updates

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