Handling Medical Negligence Cases During COVID-19 and Beyond Webinar

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Handling Medical Negligence Cases During COVID-19 and Beyond Webinar

Apr 27, 2021 Apr 27, 2021
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Hear from Moderator Kathleen Nastri

About the Webinar

The pandemic has created a new set of challenges for handling medical negligence cases. Join David Wenner, Greg Cusimano, Kathleen Nastri, Max Panoff, and Lyle Warshauer as they discuss juror attitudes toward healthcare professionals, rethinking case intake and investigation, and minimizing the “Hero Defense” strategy. 

  • Exclusive, empirical research on changing juror perceptions from Greg Cusimano and David Wenner
  • Inside look at shifting standards of care across states
  • Emerging defensive strategies and how to fight back
Practicing During the Pandemic Project

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented interruptions to jury trials across the country. The impact will affect how trial lawyers prepare and try their clients’ cases. And, as business owners, trial lawyers must be prepared for challenges of practicing in a pandemic. AAJ is here to help.

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