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Ending Forced Arbitration

End Forced Arbitration

Have you signed an employment contract, enrolled with a new cable, cell phone, or credit card provider, taken out a loan, or downloaded an app? You likely signed or clicked away your right to hold a corporation accountable when they break the law or violate your rights.

When you sign or click a contract containing a forced arbitration clause, and then are cheated, discriminated against, assaulted, or otherwise harmed, the company will force you into a secret, rigged forced arbitration system.

This is un-American and unacceptable. It’s time to end forced arbitration and pass H.R. 2953, S. 1376, the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act.

Advocates for consumers, patients, workers, and consumers, like Valerie Perry (pictured here), are making their voices heard in Congress. Join the fight to end forced arbitration.

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forced arbitration silences efforts to expose racial discrimination. The Fair Act will fix that...

On Monday, March 14, 2022, Coach Brian Flores, formerly head coach of the Miami Dolphins and current assistant coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, held a press conference to share his personal story about how forced arbitration would silence his efforts to expose racial bias in the NFL. The FAIR Act will help those like Coach Flores make their voices heard.
Profiles of female faces in various shades of red and orange.
Where White Men Rule: How the Secretive System of Forced Arbitration Hurts Women and Minorities

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